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When we speak of “CTRLhub” “we” “us” and “our” we mean CTRLhub.co and its affiliates.

A "Visitor" and/or "User" is anyone who is browsing, viewing, and accessing our website, content, or services.

Our "Services" represents the collective functionality of every feature, tool, and product offered through our website to our visitors.

All text, information, graphics, audio, video, resources, and data offered through our website from our services is collectively known as our "Content".

A "UI" is the user interface that you are constantly engaging with while using our services.


Welcome to CTRLhub.co. By visiting our website and accessing the content/service(s) we provide; You understand and agree to accept the following terms and conditions as stated in this policy.

We reserve the right to change these terms from time to time without notice. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this User Agreement periodically to familiarize yourself with any modification(s). Your continued use of this site before or after such modification(s) will constitute acknowledgment and agreement of the modified terms and conditions:

Wherein, you fully understand that:

a. Our site will take no responsibility for illegal or unethical usage of our content and/or service(s); The user(s) are directly responsible for their own actions.

b. Attempting to catch, trade, and/or sell our content/service(s) is strictly prohibited.

c. You remain solely responsible for the content shown to you from any service(s). Furthermore, you agree to indemnify the owner of this site, its staff, its subsidiaries, and any website in partnership to this site.

d. Some service(s) may function properly only with the use of cookies. By using such service(s), you fully agree to our use of Cookies and our Cookie Agreement as described below.

e. Lastly, you agree upon your first visit to have your IP: recorded, encrypted, and stored; It will never be viewed or seen. It is only used to count the amount of unique visitors that visit this website.

*Note that it is impossible for the staff or owners of this site to confirm the validity of any information generated on this website. Please remember that we do not actively monitor the fetched data, and as such, are not responsible for the content fetched within our services. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the content presented; The printed data is fetched from another api system and displayed in our UI for you to enjoy.

Cookie Agreement:

Cookies enable us to deliver a better online service and experience to our users. Cookies are only used on services that are deemed necessary, and only collect some content to display back at a later date for the user(s). At no point in time do our cookies collect any informatin about our visitors, as it is only used to display content that was there without disapearing on refresh or revisit.

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